Bikini-clad pizza delivery 'rider' makes waves on Potomac

July 18, 2004

FAIRVIEW BEACH, Va. — A long, slow winter must have given Leesa Shrewsbury a serious case of cabin fever.

According to the Free Lance-Star, the 35-year-old Shrewsbury, who co-owns the Shore Store with husband Mike, spent the cold months pondering a way to boost their business and work on her tan at the same time. Her solution: pizza delivery to the resort community's boaters — done on her personal watercraft.

In June, Shrewsbury donned a uniform made up of a bikini and life vest, and began zipping around the Potomac delivering free samples of Shore Store pizza to boaters.

"It really did just kind of start out as a way to get me out of the store," said Shrewsbury, a mother of three. Shore store is a basic convenience store that sells food and recreational supplies.

Now her delivery service operates on holidays and weekends serving boaters ordering on their cell phones. Finding the customers' boats, Shrewsbury said, can be tricky if they don't supply detailed descriptions. She uses a walkie-talkie-type system to communicate with the Shore Store in case she needs better instructions.

Navigating the waters safely while holding on to the pizzas is a challenge. Not only is the water peppered with swimmers, she doesn't want to hit the customers' boats when pulling near for a delivery.

"I get a little bit nervous. It's tricky trying to balance all that on the ski and not hit the $100,000 boats," said Shrewsbury, who used to work in retail. "We're having a lot of fun with it. It definitely beats the mall. When you can come to work every day and look out and see the river, you know you've got it made."

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