NEWS OF THE WEIRD: Fight over pizza delivery mistake ends in court fine

Dec. 8, 2003

DUBAI, U.A.E.—A pizza delivery driver was fined $272 for assaulting a man who refused to take delivery of a pizza he never ordered.

According to Gulf News, the delivery driver was sent to a car parts shop with a pizza for a salesman who identified himself as Younis. By coincidence, there happened to be two car spare parts shops next to each other--both with salesmen named Younis. The delivery driver, however, went to the wrong one.

When the salesman there named Younis denied ordering a pizza, the delivery boy thrust the pizza box into his hands and demanded payment. Thinking the delivery was a practical joke, the bemused Younis pushed it back. The back-and-forth exchange continued until Younis demanded the driver leave the shop.

The driver then became angry, slapped Younis across the face and swore at him.

The police were called and took the 22-year-old driver in for questioning. He was later released on bail.

Further probing by the police revealed that another Younis working for the next-door parts shop had in fact ordered the pizza and was awaiting delivery.

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