Bosco's Pizza creates innovative wellness program

Sept. 22, 2010

Bosco's Pizza Co. has deployed a holistic, trackable wellness program for its employees. The program, hatched with Wellco Corp., also helps save money at corporate, according to a company statement.

Bosco's Pizza Co. became a national phenomenon by selling millions of pizzas and its famous Bosco's Stick every week to fans in school lunchrooms across the nation.

The secret behind the company's success, according to the company, has always been the quality of its product and the treatment of its employees. That quality extends to the support of the company's team members: more than 30 percent of their 130 workers have been with the company for 10-20 years.

But after paying an extra $57,000 in 2009 just to maintain the same health benefits for employees, Bosco's became determined to put their investment to better use.

Reviewing insurance information and surveying Bosco's staff revealed that preventive care and regular physician visits could be improved. Further, recent studies from the American Journal of Health Promotion and the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation show employees make health decisions based upon cost rather than need, and almost 20 percent of insured workers avoid important medical care if they believe they cannot afford it.

"The treatment of our workforce is a key indicator to our success, along with quality and our state-of-art manufacturing," said CEO Mark Artinian. "Wellco provided us with calculable outcomes that are critical to focus our employee health efforts."

Wellco provided their HealthHammer system, which identifies avoidable health costs through health assessment. HealthHammer quantified $202,364 in annual avoidable costs and began systematically tracking the health of their workforce where 96 percent of employees had at least one avoidable health concern.

"A strong wellness program that measures medical cost trends can be the Rosetta Stone of the health care equation," said Scott Foster, president of Wellco. "We are pleased to provide an ROI-based solution to compliment Bosco's tremendous success."

Bosco's Pizza started in 1988 by personally delivering restaurant-quality frozen pizzas to nearby customers. Since then, company sales have grown 20 percent every year. Bosco's Pizza and Bosco Sticks are served for lunch in many of the nation's schools, and are also offered in plants, restaurants, recreation centers, sports arenas, theme parks and grocery stores.

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