Bruno's and LaRosa's battle for sales to Ohio university students

Dec. 4, 2002

OXFORD, Ohio -- Sales of slices by a LaRosa's Pizza franchisee to students at two popular nightspots in Oxford has the owner of Bruno's accusing the competitor of breaking the law.

According to the Oxford Press, Cincinnati-based LaRosa's is selling slices from a stand outside of Stadium and from inside Varsity, hot spots for students of nearby Miami of Ohio University.

"(Bruno's owner) Roger (Perry) thinks we're here to hurt his business, but we're just offering students a choice," said Auggie Alfred, the LaRosa's franchisee who brings the slices from a store further from campus. "He's just angry because now he has some competition."

Perry claims Oxford law specifies businesses must have a storefront in order to sell their products on the sidewalk. He said he followed the law when he purchased a nearby store so he could sell slices outside. But so far, he added, the law has not been enforced regarding LaRosa's.

Since Stadium buys the pizza from LaRosa's, Alfred said, his sales are legal, even though LaRosa's employees sell the pizza.

"It's their storefront, their pizza and on their property," Alfred said. "If there's a problem with what we do, somebody needs to tell us."

Perry implied that LaRosa's is "on Stadium's payroll. It's obvious they're trying to dance around the issue."

Alfred claimed Perry made derogatory comments to LaRosa's employees while driving by the pizza stand.

Perry, however, said he was speaking to a LaRosa's employee who had bounced some checks at his business.

"I drove by and (he) made some kind of motion to me," Roger said. "I didn't know if he was flipping me off or what."

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