UPDATE: Delivery driver fired by Pizza Hut for carrying gun

May 17, 2004

INDIANAPOLIS—A Pizza Hut delivery driver who shot and killed a man he said drew a gun on him, was fired from his job. He also could face criminal charges in the shooting.

According to The Associated Press, Ronald Honeycutt, 38, shot Jerome Brown, 20, who Honeycutt said attempted to rob him at gunpoint on the night of May 17.

Early reports (see Pizza delivery driver kills thief in attempted robbery) said Honeycutt wrestled Brown's gun away from him and then used it to kill Brown. The latest report, however, claims Honeycutt drew his own gun when confronted by Brown and shot him.

"I'm just satisfied it was him and not me," said Honeycutt, of Carmel, Ind.

The driver said he was returning to his vehicle after making a delivery when he heard someone say, "Hey, my guy," and turned to see a man approaching with a gun. Honeycutt said he then pulled out his 9 mm pistol discharged its clip, which contained 15 rounds.

After shooting Brown, Honeycutt said he picked up Brown's gun because he feared he had an accomplice, and that he then returned to the Pizza Hut store, where detectives met him.

Marion County Sheriff's Capt. Phil Burton said no one witnessed the fatal shooting, and that investigators will present their findings to county prosecutors, who will decide whether any charges will be filed in the case.

Honeycutt said Pizza Hut fired him for violating a company policy against carrying a gun, which he was licensed to carry.

Honeycutt said he had been delivering pizza for 20 years and always carried a gun.

"It's a fair job, but I don't plan on dying for it," he told the AP.

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