UPDATE: Pizza delivery driver dies from gunshot wound

March 29, 2004

PHILADELPHIA—Abraham Cisse, a 26-year-old pizza delivery driver for Papa's Perfect Pizza, died on March 29, after being shot in the head by at least one gunman the night before.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Cisse, who emigrated from the West African country of Mali four years ago, was delivering several sandwiches when he was shot at about 9 p.m. When police arrived at the scene, he was lying on the ground next to his car; the food was gone, but more than $100 in cash and his cell phone remained in his vehicle.

"Nobody saw anything," one detective told the Daily News. "They heard more than they saw."

Police said Cisse was lured to the wrong address by a caller who gave a phone number for a neighboring home. The person living at the address on the delivery slip had not ordered any food.

"The person who made the call gave a number, but the cashier saw another number on the caller ID," the detective said. "We thought that was sort of odd."

Sources said they found the gun they believe could be linked to Cisse's death and are searching for the shooter.

Employees from the half-dozen neighboring takeout restaurants said delivering food is a dangerous way to earn a living.

"I am scared every night," said John Bin, manager of Golden Dragon, a Chinese carryout across the street from Cisse's employer. "I was robbed before. Two guys broke my leg before the cops came."

One thing drives Bin to continue to work in the precarious field of food delivery.

"It is because of the money," he said.

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