Cassano's Pizza adds single-number call center

March 14, 2004

DAYTON, Ohio—Forty-one unit Cassano's Pizza and Subs has added a single-number call center to its operations headquartered here.

According to the Dayton Business Journal, the company's number is 294-KING, playing on the chain's original name, Cassano's Pizza King.

Chairman and CEO Vic Cassano, Jr. said 90 employees were hired to operate the 35 phone desks and five manager's stations. The $1 million investment, he believes, will yield 30 percent sales growth this year alone.

The call center will service the chain's 34 corporate-owned stores, but not its seven franchised restaurants.

Vice president Chris Cassano convinced his father a call center would help the business.

"Before the call center, if a store was hammered with only two delivery drivers and 30 deliveries, we wouldn't know about it until the next night," he said. "Now I can pull drivers from one store to another."

When a customer dials the call center and wants a pizza delivered, an operator inputs the order into a computer and forwards it electronically to the store nearest to the customer. Call center managers then track order times and call customers if an order is delayed.

The call center's greatest benefit is that it frees store employees from answering phones and lets them focus on cooking and delivery.

Chris Cassano said the chain delivers to roughly 85 percent to 90 percent of Dayton homes, but he wants to serve the entire market.

"The call center is tremendous," said Vic Cassano. "One of the biggest things is, phones get answered every time."

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