CCG promises revolutionary low-carb dough for pizza industry

Oct. 11, 2004

HALLANDALE, Fla. — Controlled Carb Gourmet Inc., a manufacturer of nutritious, low-carbohydrate/sugar-free baked goods has announced the release of the world's first and only frozen dough with less than 1 impact carbohydrate.

"We are very excited about this new product, and the opportunity it presents for pizzerias and restaurants across the nation", said Hadass Keynan, president of CCG. "We feel that this new dough is a great product for businesses fighting decreased sales due to the widespread use of all the various low-carb diets."

CCG is seeking distributors capable of distributing its frozen product.

"We have the possibility of offering the dry mix, as opposed to the frozen dough-ball, but we feel that having the dough ready-to-go would be much more appealing to buyers due to the time constraints any busy restaurant faces," Keynan said.

CCG co-founder Jacob Keynan perfected the dough while experimenting at a local pizzeria.

"With the help of some friends who have years of experience in the pizza industry, I feel that I have made the world's best tasting low-carb pizza," he said. "As far as taste, texture, carb-count and consistency go, this dough is unmatched by any competitors." For more information, contact CCG at 800-991-7888, ext. 22, or e-mail

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