Cellit enables mobile loyalty club functionality

Feb. 15, 2010
Cellit, a leading provider of mobile marketing solutions, has announced updates to its mobile couponing software systems, including the inclusion of mobile loyalty club functionality.
In addition to redeeming text message-based coupons, these solutions allow restaurants and stores to keep track of loyalty "points" with every purchase. Upon reaching specified point totals, special offers and rewards can be delivered to the user's cell phone. This new loyalty feature is available immediately on the Widgit, Cellit's point-of-sale overlay software, and the iWidgit, enabling redemption and loyalty tracking from any iPod Touch or iPhone.
Both the Widgit and the iWidgit enable the simple tracking, validation and redemption of mobile coupons, via easy-to-implement solutions. The Widgit installs on any Windows-based POS, adding a user-definable hotkey or touch-screen button for coupon redemption. The Widgit has generated substantial acclaim from Cellit's clients for requiring no integration with the underlying POS software. The iWidgit, released in early February, provides the same functionality on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Now, both systems also enable loyalty rewards.
Unlike most mobile coupon redemption solutions, Cellit's loyalty functionality simply requires a phone number. Counter staff simply ask customers' cell phone numbers at the time of sale. Customers not currently in the restaurant's loyalty program receive a text message inviting them to opt in. "The store or restaurant can then use our messaging platforms to deliver offers to customers upon reaching certain point totals," said David Wachs, president of Cellit, in a news release.
The loyalty platform is compatible with Cellit Studio, Cellit's premier mobile campaign management platform.
"Perhaps the most exciting part of the loyalty functionality is its effect on the growth of the mobile club," Wachs said. "With every purchase, the user will be asked to join the mobile club. This constant call to action should greatly accelerate mobile club adoption for our clients. Additionally, unlike punch-card- or stamp-based systems, our mobile loyalty program virtually eliminates the risk of fraud."
Cellit currently sees many of its mobile couponing clients experiencing coupon redemption rates of 20 percent or greater. The company believes the new loyalty features will grow the pool of redeemers, thereby accelerating the return on investment for its clients.
"The new loyalty features in the Widgit and iWidgit prove how Cellit is on the forefront of practical mobile marketing technology," Wachs said. "We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are simple to integrate into the existing work environment, while providing maximum benefit. We are excited to see the impact this new feature set will have with our customers."
The Widgit and iWidgit are available for immediate download.

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