Central dashboard launched for location-specific content

April 17, 2012

VenueSeen has launched a central dashboard that pulls location-specific content uploaded to Instagram, Foodspotting and Foursquare.

The new service makes it easier for business owners and marketers to identify and interact with the customers who are shaping their story through photos, comments, tips and reviews.

"From coffee shops and restaurants, to attractions and retail locations – photos, reviews and online comments are forming a business's social identity," said VenueSeen's Brian Zuercher. "If you run a physical location, knowing what's going on in and around it is good for business. And, now all those details – good and bad – are being shared online. VenueSeen's dashboard helps you stay 'in the know.'"

VenueSeen's web-based dashboard provides a centralized place for businesses to access this information – making it easier for brands to show appreciation, respond to suggestions, collect feedback, and identify and interact with online fans. Users:

  • Find their location on VenueSeen and add it to their dashboard;
  • Instantly have access to who is posting what about them on Instagram, Foodspotting and Foursquare from their location;
  • Can connect and share fans' uploads, build audience engagemen, monitor photos, comments, tips and reviews; and
  • Share and repost content to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter

"Facebook and Twitter get a lot of attention, but restaurants will find some of their most ardent supports on niche networks, like Foodspotting and Instagram," Zuercher said. "VenueSeen makes it simple for a business monitor, connect and engage with their loyal fans. Armed with this geo-specific content, the opportunities for engagement are endless."

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