Cheese block prices won't follow block price plunge, analysts say

Dec. 1, 2003

LYNDEN, Wash.—Dairy analyst Jerry Dryer predicted in a report that prices for 40-pound cheddar blocks traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange will drop only to about $1.30, though 500-pound barrels likely will fall to government support level of $1.10 per pound.

Jim Tillison, executive director of the Alliance of Western Milk Producers, agreed with Dryer. Historically, the gap between block and barrel prices rarely widens beyond a dime. But since block demand is strong and supplies are tight—compared to barrels, for which demand is lagging—Tillison said blocks prices will hold reasonably steady.

The MCT Compass, a monthly newsletter published by MCT Dairies, predicts much the same: block prices falling to $1.30 in December, holding through January, bottoming out at $1.28 in February and turning north by a penny in March.

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