CiCi’s resurrects $3.99 anniversary price for fall

Sept. 21, 2010 | by Jennifer Litz

CiCi's is resurrecting its $3.99 anniversary pricing for about the third time this year. This time, the company portrayed the move as one that will help time-strapped families eat dinner together at a reasonable price point, and with healthy options.

The re-introduced pricing is good September 22 - October 3, according to a company statement. 

"We're still celebrating CiCi's 25th anniversary with our $3.99 offer as a thank you to our loyal guests," said Nancy Hampton, CMO for CiCi's Pizza. "Fall is busier than ever for many people, and so for two weeks CiCi's will offer hot and fresh pizza and endless value in a fun, easy atmosphere at a celebratory price."

The company  cited a few reasons the promo offers guests “endless value” at lunch and dinner, including:

  • Providing family time: Studies show kids who eat most often with their parents are 40 percent more likely to say they get mainly As and Bs in school than kids who have two or fewer family dinners a week.
  • Giving balanced meal options: The veggie pizzas, salad and soups at CiCi's offers well-rounded meals with foods from all the food groups. For parents, two Vegetarian Italiano slices are equivalent to three Weight Watchers points.
  • Offering great taste at a great price: Value is about quality foods such as whole-milk mozzarella cheese, special seasoning blends, always fresh ingredients and dough made by hand throughout the day. At CiCi's, delicious food is always the first, middle and last priority.

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