Cintas restroom study unveils perceptions of 'clean'

May 21, 2008
CHICAGO — Cintas has released the results of an independent study designed to learn how people judge restroom cleanliness.
Through an independent research firm, Cintas surveyed 1,500 restroom users, owners and cleaning professionals to assess each group's perception of a clean restroom. The research reveals surprising insight into how people actually define clean.
The survey asked participants to rate various aspects of a restroom's cleanliness to help determine what people consider when judging a restroom. Surprisingly, many of the top considerations have nothing to do with cleaning, but rather stocking. More than 84 percent of respondents equate empty toilet paper dispensers with restroom dissatisfaction and more than 76 percent of respondents are dissatisfied if the soap dispensers are empty.
The study identifies the top 10 measures of a restroom's cleanliness and provides insight into the opinions of owners and cleaning professionals.
Based on this research, Cintas developed the Cintas Standard of Clean — a guideline to restroom cleanliness to meet customer expectations. To help business owners achieve this benchmark, Cintas offers a comprehensive line of Sanis restroom products and services.

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