Consumers list Coca-Cola, Starbucks as most relevant brands

April 25, 2011

According to Bevnet, Brodeur Partners, a strategic communications company, recently released the results of a survey that assessed the "relevance" of brands to consumers. Coca-Cola was the beverage company consumers said they would most want to associate with and miss the most if it went out of business.

Participants were asked questions about Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Red Bull, Budweiser and Pepsi. The survey measured characteristics such as a company’s ability to meet customers’ needs, relate to their values and company growth.

Starbucks placed second to Coke in most categories, but the survey indicated that consumers found Starbucks to be a more interesting brand than Coke. Additionally, Red Bull measured "very interesting" to consumers.

Andy Coville, Brodeur Partners CEO, defines relevance as an individual's full experience of a product, brand, idea or cause. A "relevant experience" changes minds, but also supports behavioral change.

"An organization needs to identify exactly what motivates the consumer, business customer, donor or voter, and work with these drivers to support the desired behavior change," Coville said. "As we've developed this concept over the past few years, we've discovered more documented connections between communications and behavioral science."

The study surveyed 2,022 American consumers.

Topics: Customer Service / Experience , Trends / Statistics

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