Credit card thief caught via pizza delivery

Oct. 28, 2003

SAN ANTONIO, Tex.—A credit card thief was arrested on Oct. 25, after a smart consumer called a pizza shop where he had just placed an order.

According to The Associated Press, a man called a Little Caesars pizza outlet and ordered three large pies. As employees made the order, another call came in—from the owner of a stolen credit card.

San Antonio police said that when the cardholder called the credit card company to report the theft, the cardholder was told the card had just been used at a pizza place.

Police were summoned and Little Caesars provided a company uniform for an officer to use, along with a delivery bag and empty pizza boxes.

The disguised officer delivered the pizza and arrested 20-year-old Michael Nealon when he signed the receipt.

Police say Nealon allegedly stole the card from a neighbor's car.

Topics: Crime , Little Caesars

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