Delivery driver fakes robbery, keeps cash to pay overdue bills

March 7, 2002

In an attempt to get money to pay overdue phone bills, a Belconnen, Australia pizza delivery driver lied about being robbed while on the job.

According to the Canberra Times, Philip Duncan Davies, 19, pleaded guilty to public mischief and stealing a pizza heat bag, two large pizzas and $190.15 (AUS) in cash.

Last November, Davies told police he was robbed at knifepoint by two men -- about whom he even provided descriptions. Later, under further questioning by police, Davies admitted the robbery never happened.

The offense occurred one evening when Davies was on a break. He phoned the Eagle Boys where he worked and ordered two pizzas for delivery. He had then went to the store to pick up and deliver the order, but stopped along the way at a place where he claimed the robbery occurred.

There, he took the cash he'd received from that evening's sales, plus the money in his wallet, and put that cash in his car. He then walked to a nearby lake and tossed his wallet, the pizza delivery bag and the pies into a patch of reeds.

To make it appear there had been a struggle, Davies then ripped the bag in which he carried his sales cash, and returned to the store to report the robbery.

Davies later admitted to police he was nearly $2,000 in arrears on telephone bills, and was facing a court fine in relation to another unrelated offense.

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