Delivery driver kidnappers get prison time

March 21, 2002

CLARION, Pa. -- A botched kidnapping and ransom scheme involving a pizza delivery driver will send a Clarion woman and man to jail for two to six years.

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Alison Rimsky, 23, who pleaded guilty to one count of kidnapping, was sentenced on March 20 for the crime she and William Conner, 26, also of Clarion, admitted committing last October. Conner got 2 1/2 to six years in prison for his role, Rimsky got two to four for hers.

Police said the pair planned to lure the pizza shop's owner to trailer park where they lived, kidnap him and demand a ransom. Instead, a 17-year-old driver arrived, was detained briefly and then released.

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