Delivery driver sues Pizza Hut for paying below minimum wage

Oct. 23, 2013

A Pizza Hut delivery driver has accused San Antonio-based MUY Brands LLC and its CEO Jim Bodenstedt of paying below the federal minimum wage.

According to an article on, pizza deliverer Steven Jackson filed the complaint claiming he was not adequately reimbursed for using his personal automobile for delivery. Jackson said he was paid 88 cents in reimbursement for each delivery. After factoring in gas and vehicle maintenance costs, Jackson figured his hourly wages fell to between $1.48 and $4.20 — compared to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

"They have to supply their own car. They have to supply their own gas, their own tires, the oil changes — all these things add up," Jack McInnes, attorney for the plaintiff, said in the article. "Even though they're being given some small amount for reimbursement for the deliveries that they make, our allegation is it's not nearly enough."

McInnes said he is opening up the case to drivers who have worked for any of the 160 MUY Brands Pizza Hut locations throughout Texas during the last three years.

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