Delivery time dispute leads to theft

March 19, 2002

EDMONTON, Alberta - A dispute over the delivery time of a vegetarian pizza led to a robbery - and a sit-down dinner - at an Edmonton restaurant on Feb. 10.

Edmonton police have arrested 26-year-old Jahanzeb Babur and two unidentified teenagers from Baton Rouge, La., and charged then with robbery, uttering threats, unlawful confinement, and weapons offences.

According to the Edmonton Sun, Babur allegedly walked into a Homemade Steak and Pizza restaurant at 2:50 a.m. with a handgun and ordered the restaurant staff to make him a vegetarian pizza. He had grown belligerent with a restaurant employee on the phone 20 minutes earlier when he found out it would take 30 minutes to deliver a pizza to his house.

The alleged assailant held restaurant staff and a customer at gunpoint for an hour while he waited for the pizza and ate it. The teens allegedly joined him during the dispute and the three helped themselves to alcoholic beverages during the ordeal and took nearly $650 from a restaurant employee.

"We see some bizarre things happen, but this one tops the list," Edmonton police spokesman Dean Parthenis told the Edmonton Sun. "It certainly had our investigators baffled."

No one was seriously injured during the incident, though the assailant allegedly struck the employees and customer in the head with the gun.

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