Developer debuts Web-based loyalty club solution

Sept. 15, 2009
Customer-retention solutions developer LoyaltySoft has introduced a new online solution designed to enable restaurants, coffee shops and other small businesses to create loyalty clubs quickly and affordably, using any standard Internet browser.
Loyalty clubs are a proven marketing tool that can help businesses increase revenues from their existing customers. In addition to providing consumers with tangible incentives to keep coming back, loyalty clubs also establish valuable opt-in marketing channels, allowing business owners to contact their customers even after they've walked out the door.
LoyaltySoft's new service is Web-based, making it significantly easier and more affordable to integrate. In addition, the company's solution does not require customers to carry magnetic membership cards. Instead, it uses innovative disposable point cards to explain to customers how to sign up and credit their own accounts.
Each unique card is imprinted with a 10-digit code and is given to customers together with their receipts. This saves the business time and effort, while enabling customers to accrue and view their points independently online.
LoyaltySoft's service is available in English and Spanish and enable business owners to accomplish the following:
  • Create professional loyalty clubs directly online
  • Maintain up-to-date customer lists
  • Issue points and reward vouchers
  • Group customers by interests and demographics
  • Send personalized email marketing messages
  • View real-time statistics and usage reports

Topics: Operations Management , Service , Systems / Technology

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