DiamondTouch POS partners with ProfitMAX; releases version 5.0

March 21, 2005

DALLAS — Pizza POS software developer DiamondTouch, Inc., and ProfitMAX, a restaurant marketing and profit improvement firm, announced the formation of a strategic partnership to provide marketing assistance to users of DiamondTouch POS software.

"ProfitMAX is a great compliment to the DiamondTouch product," DiamondTouch chief executive officer Tom Bronson said in a news release. "Through this strategic alliance, our customers will be able to tap into the vast marketing knowledge and resources that ProfitMAX has been offering clients in other restaurant segments for years."

ProfitMAX marketing provides an automated neighborhood marketing system that reduces the time operators spend in marketing activities. It also tracks profit generated from each marketing initiative and each customer.

* In a related news item, DiamondTouch announced the release of its version 5.0 software. New updates include SmartDiscount (a comprehensive discount tracking and monitoring solution), a new ability to deploy and accept gift cards, integrated digital video recording and the use of its DiamondTablet handheld order entry device.

"Our new DVR system gives DiamondTouch the most comprehensive security options available in the pizza POS marketplace," said Bobby Yates, director of development and technology for DiamondTouch. "We have the ability to store up to 120 days of video, which can be retrieved at the touch of a button and which can be accessed remotely. Now, when you have that questionable transaction, you can go right to the video and find out what happened."

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