Disgruntled customer attacks pizza maker with axe

March 4, 2003

FRANKFURT -- An unhappy pizza customer, whom even a full refund wouldn't satisfy, went after a pizza maker with an axe in order settle the dispute.

According to the Daily Times, customers restrained the 57-year-old man when he drew the axe from his coat and started swinging it at the pizza maker on March 1.

"Apparently, the pizza didn't agree with him," said police spokesman Manfred Feist. "He wasn't a regular customer." The name of the pizza shop was not mentioned.

Police said the drunken customer rejected offers of a refund and a fresh pizza after complaining his first one was revolting. After shouting at the staff, he was ejected from the restaurant, but later returned to continue his tirade.

After patrons wrestled him to the ground, he was arrested by police.

** In other crime news, two men entered an Eagle Boys pizza shop in Kurri, Australia, just before closing time, and robbed two female employees.

According to the Maitland Mercury, the employees were directed at gunpoint to the back of the shop, while one of the robbers took money from the till. According to the report, he then ran to a car in the parking lot where an accomplice was waiting behind the wheel.

Eagle Boys franchisee Drew Kelvin said both women kept their "cool in an immensely scary situation."

"One woman eased the other towards the back of the shop and they let the robbers get what they wanted, as our employees are taught to do," Kelvin said.

According to the report, the robbery has sparked an outcry for 24-hour police patrols in the area.

"Police in this area do a fantastic job, but there are just not enough police around when something happens like this," Kelvin said.

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