Domino’s closes record-breaking 50th anniversary year

Dec. 27, 2010

On Dec. 9, Domino’s Pizza franchisee Brian Edler set out to break the Guinness World Record for making, baking and boxing the most pizzas by a single man in one hour. He attempted the feat in his Findlay, Ohio-based store and appeared to have shattered the old record of 168 12-inch pizzas with his 206 pies.

But that record was moot until officials at Guinness World Records were able to officially verify videotape evidence from the event, something they finally did this week.

In addition to setting the speed record, an auction was held during Edler’s efforts, which raised more than $33,000 for local and national charities. Edler’s final pizza raked in a $5,000 auction bid.

Edler is the second Domino’s Pizza franchisee in 2010 to break a Guinness World Record. California-based franchisee Bob Leikam and his 85-person team set the record earlier this year for most pizzas made in 24 hours, creating a total of 6,838 pies.

"Both Brian and Bob are exemplary franchisees and outstanding business leaders – and the excitement generated by their record-breaking successes symbolizes the positive, fun and competitive people we are thrilled to have representing Domino's Pizza," said Scott Hinshaw, executive vice president of franchise operations and development of Domino's Pizza. "It's a thrill to have Domino's Pizza own two records in the pizza category."

This year marked many other landmark events for Domino’s, including a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its 9,000th store; a product reinvention from the crust up for the company’s “Oh Yes We Did” campaign and a handful of 50th birthday celebrations. 


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