Domino's delivers a pink slip to Arthur Andersen

March 28, 2002

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Domino's Pizza has fired Arthur Andersen as its independent auditor as of March 21.

An SEC filing released March 26 said the board of directors at the world's second-largest pizza chain met on March 15 and discussed hiring PricewaterhouseCoopers to replace Andersen as soon as possible.

The filing said that "there were no disagreements with Andersen on any matter of accounting principle or practice," but did not disclose any further details regarding why it was let go.

This dismissal represents the latest in a string of problems faced by Andersen. The firm is currently under investigation in connection with the failure of Enron Corp. Employees of the accounting firm have been accused of shredding documents sought by investigators of the scandal.

Domino's also noted in the filing that it rewarded its CEO, David Brandon, with a $1.1 million bonus in 2001. Brandon's total compensation package for the year was $1.7 million.

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