Domino's giving leap year pizza parties for new ''Dots' and ''Dorothys'

Feb. 22, 2004

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Domino's Pizza announced it will throw a pizza and Cheesy Domino's Dots party for every family whose child is born February 29, 2004, and named Dorothy or Dot.

According to a news release, the family of the first child named Dorothy or Dot born in the continental U.S. on leap day will receive free pizza for a year.

"Leap Year babies ... are very special and deserve a memorable entry into the world with a good story about how they were named," Holly Ryan, Domino's Pizza spokesperson, said in the release.

On any given day, an average 11,000 babies are born to U.S. families.

Members of families who name their leap year babies Dorothy or Dot should contact Samara Finn at 212-554-7434 or Each will be asked to present a copy of their child's birth certificate clearly stating the child's name, time of birth and the birth date as February 29, 2004.

The birth certificate that has the earliest time of the birth posted on it will receive a pizza party and pizza for a year ($1,000 of pizza gift certificates). Other babies named Dorothy or Dot will receive a pizza and Cheesy Domino's Dots party (up to $50). (For official rules, visit click on Inside Domino's on the home page).

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