Domino's goes to the moon and back?

Aug. 10, 2011

Domino's Pizza employees have collectively walked more than 1 billion steps in six months. As part of its 'A Healthier YOU' corporate wellness initiative, Domino's implemented "Destination: You," an activity program powered by GlobalFit that uses activity trackers to calculate daily steps taken and distances walked. The 1 billion-plus steps logged by Domino's Pizza employees equates to 500,000 miles, which is roughly equivalent to traveling from Earth to the moon and back again.

"At Domino's Pizza, we have always been focused on supporting and promoting healthy, active lifestyles among our team members and their families," said CEO Patrick Doyle. "We offered Destination: You as a way to demonstrate how easy and realistic it can be to add physical activity into your daily routine and experience tremendous health benefits."

The program combines step-based activity tracking with education, motivation and incentives to help employees build healthier lifestyles. The information logged on each activity tracker is uploaded to a personal website that allows each employee to track and manage physical activity and goals in real time. The program also allows participants to compete and motivate one another through online challenges and contests.

For more information about health and nutrition, click here.

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