Domino's launches 'Oh Yes We Did' viral campaign

Dec. 29, 2009
Domino's surprised millions of people across the country last week by announcing that they reinvented their pizza from the crust up. This week, the company launched its first ad campaign to promote the new pie. The commercials share the true story of how Domino's employees faced the critics, embraced the naysayers, listened to the focus groups and used it all as motivation to create a new, better pizza.
In addition to its commercials, Domino's is utilizing social media to promote the new pizza. Domino's launched a new web section at called "Oh Yes We Did," which includes a documentary video showing consumers what prompted Domino's to make such a radical change. The site includes live feeds from Twitter and Facebook, sharing what consumers think of the new pizza. Domino's will be promoting that documentary with a special ad on the home page of YouTube.
"Our inspired new pizza was driven so heavily by listening to our customers through social media, having that component be a part of our online marketing campaign seemed like a no-brainer," said Domino's spokesperson Chris Brandon. "Our 'Oh Yes We Did' Web site not only shows consumers that we have indeed been hearing what they have to say -- but it also shows them how we have done so."
Domino's new pizza is now in all U.S. stores and Domino's Pizza stores across the country are open for business on New Year's Day.

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