Domino's poll shows Obama over McCain

Oct. 29, 2008
ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- More than 295,000 Domino's Pizza customers have participated in the Pizza Tracker Poll since it was launched Oct. 7. And while more than 66,000 customers identified themselves as "independent," more than 20,000 of them have decided which of the two major party candidates they're voting for on Election Day.
As of Oct. 26, 18,470 independent voters say they will cast a ballot for Democrat Barack Obama, while only 1,623 independents will vote for Republican John McCain. In total, 151,416 pizza tracker poll participants are voting for Obama vs. 93,718 who plan to vote for McCain.
Key Stats
  • Total participants, Oct. 7 - Oct. 26: 295,805
  • Number identifying themselves as Democrats: 132,946
  • Number identifying themselves as Republicans: 92,095
  • Number identifying themselves Independent: 66,671
  • Number who took the poll but didn't answer the party affiliation question: 4,093
  • Number voting for Barack Obama: 151,416
  • Number voting for John McCain: 93,718
  • Number of independents voting for Obama: 18,470
  • Number of independents voting for McCain: 1,623
  • Number still undecided: 42,187
  • More than 40,000 more Democrats than Republicans took part in the poll.
  • Swing states all leaning toward Obama, but inconclusive because more Democrats participated in poll vs. those identifying themselves as Republicans.
  • Spend more per order than other consumers.
  • They rely on credit cards to pay more than other consumers. 
  • They tend to order two large pizzas at a time, and they're usually specialty pizzas.
  • They are more likely to order online, and more likely to pick up their orders.
  • Rely on delivery more than Republicans.
  • Pay cash more than other consumers.
  • Like more variety with their orders, opting for side items, chicken and beverages more than Republicans.
Domino's Pizza Tracker poll appears on as soon as online customers click the "submit order" button on their computer screen. 

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