Domino's threatens English pizzeria with legal action

July 31, 2011

Mike 'Micky' McCullagh, of Minnies Pizzas in Exmouth, England, received a cease and desist letter from Domino's Pizza ordering him to change the names of his pizzas that the company thinks too closely resembles its own names. The letter also orders McCullagh to agree never to use similar names in the future, destroy his menus and ensure Minnies' employees and any future owners are bound by the agreement.

According to the Exmouth Journal, Domino's is set to open a location near the pizzeria that McCullagh has operated since 1998.

"It's Big Brother," McCullagh said in the story. "They are using the Americanised technique of suing everyone in sight - and bullying."

Domino's Pizza takes issue with the similarities between some of Minnies pizza names, including Mighty Meat, Full House, Pepperoni Passion and its own registered trademark names. It has said Minnies' use of "American Hot, Hot & Spicy, Vegetarian Supreme, Mixed Grill and Extravaganza" mirrored its unregistered marks, which Domino's is claiming trademark rights over.

From the story:

Mr. McCullagh said he was 'happy' to change the wording of his menu, but refused to be legally bound. He said: "Domino's has got Mighty Meaty. We have got Mighty Meat - do they want to trademark the word 'pizza' as well?

"As they are going to involve our staff, and make them responsible, we are obviously going to take legal advice."

A Domino's spokeswoman said: "We do not wish to upset the owner of Minnies but must protect the Domino's brand and its reputation at all times."



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