Donatos' election-day poll reveals parties' pizza preferences

Nov. 5, 2002

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- In the spirit of this week's elections and in pursuit of uncovering a few customer-purchasing habits, Donatos Pizzeria, a 200-plus-store chain based in Columbus, took an unscientific poll of customers' pizza preferences and sorted them out along political party lines.

Multiple surveys were done in several Donatos markets including Orlando, Philadelphia and Cleveland.

* Voter polling in Orlando, for example, revealed Democrats there are 51 percent more likely to order pepperoni pizza as compared to Republicans. Democrats also are more likely than Republicans to have their pizza delivered (70 percent versus 47 percent, respectively).

* Cleveland Democrats were found more likely than Republicans to have pizza delivered (44 percent versus 24 percent, respectively). Thirty-four percent of Republicans in the city likely will eat pizza more than five times a month versus only 14 percent of Democrats.

* In Philadelphia, Democrats prefer delivery much more than Republicans (62 percent versus 37 percent, respectively) and are half as likely to use carryout.

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