Dough rises, traffic drops in Wisconsin incident

July 31, 2002

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- A traveling load of yeast-filled pizza dough expanded, breaking out the back of a semitrailer truck and creating a 25- to 35-mile oozing traffic hazard in upstate Chippewa Falls, Wis., according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"We had everything from bread-loaf-size droppings to some that were about half the size of a car," Sgt. James Barnier of the Wisconsin State Patrol, District 6 in Eau Claire told the Journal Sentinel.

The dough blob was reported to authorities about 1:45 p.m. on July 30. Snowplows, shovels and pitchforks were used to remove it, a process that took about three hours. No accidents or injuries were reported as a result of the doughy mess.

The semi, which was not refrigerated, is owned by Endres Processing of Rosemount, Minn. It was hauling the dough from a Tombstone Pizza factory in Medford, Wis., to a nearby processing plant where it was to be turned into animal feed, according to the state patrol's Barnier.

Endres Processing was cited for allowing a leaking load and failure to have an International Fuel Tax decal posted on the truck and was issued a warning ticket for an unregistered vehicle, Barnier said.

Temperatures in the 90s were believed to have caused the dough to expand in the unrefrigerated truck. "They really should have hauled it in a refrigerated truck," Barnier said.

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