Driver threatened when unable to make change for $100 bill

July 29, 2002

LAKE TOWNSHIP, Wyo. -- Perhaps Mark Theodore Klein should try carryout next time he orders a pizza.

Klein apparently will have time to consider that decision while in jail after allegedly threatening a Grotto Pizza delivery driver who couldn't make change for the $100 bill he offered to pay for his pizza.

According to the Times-Leader, police said Klein, 45, threatened to hit the driver and settle the matter with a shotgun.

Klein was jailed on July 8 and charged with robbery, theft and harassment.

Grotto Pizza marketing and public relations manager Tony DeCosmo said delivery drivers will not accept $100 bills from residents unless the order is large. Klein's bill was $7.30.

"We try to keep drivers with under $25 (in change)," he said. "It's a security issue."

This is the third time Grotto has had incidents with Klein.

"That's probably why state police are involved," DeCosmo said. "It's an unnerving situation. It doesn't happen too often; we serve a pretty nice clientele."

Officers said Klein never produced the shotgun and didn't strike the driver, Charles Hann V. And according to DeCosmo, Klein -- who ultimately did not pay for the pizza -- kept the pie.

"Our drivers are instructed not to fight the customer for the pizza," DeCosmo said.

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