Eatza Pizza rolls out low-carb pizzas and salads

April 18, 2004

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—Eatza Pizza Inc., operator of 23 pizza buffet restaurants, announced the introduction of its new low-carb pizza and salad combination meals (see Buffet all the Way).

"Larger pizza chain operators are beginning to experiment with low-carb offerings, particularly in the carryout arena," Ron Stilwell, president and chief executive officer of Eatza Pizza, said in a release. "Our low-carb pizza and salad combinations offer diners exactly what they want—more choices without compromising their dietary regimens."

According to the release, the chain's low-carb pizzas center on a proprietary whole-wheat dough recipe containing 70 percent fewer carbohydrates than the company's traditional doughs. The low-carb pizzas will have a similar taste and consistency of traditional pizza dough, but will not include bleached flour, a common ingredient in traditional dough recipes.

"We invested a tremendous amount researching dinning trends and testing multiple dough recipes before offering low-carb pizzas in our restaurants," said Chris Utterback, executive vice president of Eatza Pizza. "Our low-carb pizzas taste great and we believe our customers will respond well to these new menu items."

Dine-in customers can get an 8-inch low-carb pizza for $4.99, plus access to the all-you-want salad bar.

As part of a limited-time introductory offer, carryout customers can get the low-carb pizza for $7.99. The regular price will eventually be $8.99.

"Our low-carb pizzas will not replace our core buffet business, but we do believe these menu additions will grow sales incrementally for all restaurants," said Stilwell. "We're flexible enough to take advantage of dinning trends in the marketplace and see these opportunities as ways to increase trials of our value-priced pizza buffet concept."

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