Ecolab adds to hospitality industry 'greening' programs

June 7, 2010
Ecolab Inc. has announced a partnership with EC3 Global, an internationally recognized sustainability organization that provides certification, benchmarking and consulting services to the hospitality industry through its EarthCheck Program. The partnership will help hospitality customers around the world more easily achieve, measure and verify the success of their sustainability efforts.
"One of the key objectives of the EarthCheck Program is to find new ways to help our clients increase operational efficiencies, maximize guest experiences and minimize their environmental footprints," said Stewart Moore, CEO of EC3 Global, in a news release. "Ecolab's similar goals for its customer base and its leading sustainability expertise in the cleaning and sanitation industry were key factors that led us to this partnership."
Ecolab designs its products and programs to improve safety, conserve resources and reduce waste – from manufacturing to use to disposal. The company's sales-and-service experts consult with customers to ensure all recommended programs are being implemented in the most safe, effective and sustainable manner.
"The partnership pairs Ecolab's expertise in sustainable cleaning and sanitation and our more than 14,000-member global sales and service team with EC3 Global's EarthCheck Program, which takes a holistic approach to sustainability by monitoring, measuring and managing an organization's entire operation with the goal of reducing its environmental footprint," said Alice Wheelwright, vice president of Ecolab's Global Initiatives.
EC3 Global's EarthCheck Program further expands the sustainability offering by capturing a hospitality operators' quantifiable data on such indicators as chemical use, waste to landfill, energy consumption and recycling. This data is then benchmarked against industry best practices to determine an operation's baseline measurements, as well as how well the organization is performing compared to its peers.
Hospitality locations are audited by EarthCheck auditors, then provided guidance through EarthCheck regarding areas in need of improvement. If an operation meets international standards, it is eligible for EarthCheck certification providing proof of its sustainability practices.

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