EU grants Neapolitan pizza Traditional Specialty Guaranteed label

Dec. 8, 2009 | by
After 25 years of interested parties' lobbying, the European Union's quality food board is finally granting Neapolitan pizza the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed label, according to UPI. The label will ensure every pizza labeled "Neapolitan" adheres to strict, traditional standards regarding ingredients and preparation.
From UPI:
‘Let's hope it's really coming this time,' Antonio Pace, head of a group lobbying for the designation, said. ‘They've been telling us it's in the pipeline for so long, it'll be a relief to finally get it. It'll be a milestone and, above all, a way to stop stuff that isn't really pizza being touted as such.'
‘The produce that goes into it, the ways of making and baking it, the whole process of assembling the finished package must be rigorously verified,' he said. ‘We'll have to be very careful about that.'

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