Fallout from pizza delivery driver firing continues

March 12, 2003

SELKIRK, Manitoba -- The telephone at Frank's Pizza in Selkirk has been ringing off the hook lately -- but not from people wanting to order a double cheese and pepperoni.

"The phone is ringing like crazy," said Sally, a friend of co-owners Randy Saluk and Jason Boyd.

"They're all the same -- they want to talk to one of the bosses and tell them they're an ***-hole," said Sally, who kept her last name confidential.

According to the Winnepeg Sun, the calls have come from people across North America angry with the owners for firing Marcella McAulay -- a 34-year-old single mother and part-time delivery driver.

McAulay was let go Feb. 26 for helping a gunshot victim while on duty. Boyd and Saluk stated publicly McAulay was let go because she should not have been away from work for any reason. (See "Pizza delivery driver fired for aiding gunshot victim.")

The deluge of negative reaction has put a strain on Frank's owners and the remaining workers, Sally said.

"They want to boycott this place, they're wrecking people's lives. It has nothing to do with the employees but now they're suffering," Sally said. "It has gotten out of hand. It's a tough situation, but what's done is done."

Derek Young, the Winnipeg operations supervisor for Domino's Pizza, has offered McAulay a job.

"That's the kind of person that I want working for us," he said. "The pizza is not as important as the people's health. It's just not logical to not see the greater good."

At press time, there was no word on whether McAulay had accepted the Domino's job.

Young said Domino's national office plans to discuss the situation in training seminars "to teach people what can happen if they don't manage properly."

According to the report, McAulay stopped answering her telephone on March 12 to stem the avalanche of media requests for interviews.

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