Family fun: Pizza Hut tries games at 3,250 parlors

Oct. 18, 2005

DALLAS — Hoping to enhance the family dining experience, Pizza Hut has rolled out table-top versions of Patch Products' Buzzword and Such & Such games at some 3,250 U.S dine-in units.

"Pizza Hut is all about families sitting down together to eat and have fun," Kristan Miller, vice president of advertising and brand image at Pizza Hut, said in a news release. "This promotion with Patch is just one more way for us to add value to the dine-in experience by giving families an engaging and entertaining activity to share while they wait for their order."

Buzzword is a shout-it-out contest in which one team has 45 seconds to solve a 10-clue puzzle centering on a single buzzword. Such & Such leads players to find two-part answers made up of common phrases.

"We're thrilled to have the opportunity to sample our games in Pizza Hut's extensive network of dine-in restaurants, because the best advertising for a game is having someone play it," said Lisa Wuennemann, director of marketing at Patch Products in Beloit, Wis. "It's a great way for us to combine the power of two brands that are all about family fun."

Patch also is placing Pizza Hut coupons its full board game versions of Buzzword and Such & Such, and promoting the special offer with on-box messaging that reads, "Play Games, Eat Pizza! Pizza Hut Coupons Inside." Both games are sold widely by U.S. retailers.

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