FBI displays notes found near pizza delivery driver killed by neck bomb

Feb. 10, 2004

ERIE, Pa.—The FBI has released the partial text of handwritten notes found in the car of Brian Douglas Wells, 46, a pizza delivery driver killed in August when a bomb clamped around his neck exploded. The notes instructed Wells on how to rob a bank in order to preserve his life (see additional stories below).

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the FBI showed photographs of the hand-printed notes in hopes someone can identify the author's writing style and common use of words, phrases and symbols. Among the instructions were: "Stay calm and do as instructed to survive," and "Do not delay."

"The design of the bank robbery plan and the construction of the letters required a certain amount of time and patience, which is generally indicative of an offender's maturity level," said FBI Special Agent Robert Rudge. "This offender invested a great deal of thought and planning into this scheme, which could have evolved over a period of time--even years."

Rudge said investigators had not ruled out revenge as a possible motive.

"Revenge is a theme repeated throughout the letters, along with certain dire consequences if instructions were not strictly followed," he said. "This suggests that revenge for some type of wrong--real or perceived--was a strong motive for this crime."

About 1:30 on Aug. 28, 2003, Wells left to deliver two pizzas to a remote building next to a radio tower near Erie. About an hour later he robbed a PNC Bank branch after telling bank employees he was carrying a bomb.

When troopers pulled him over minutes later, they handcuffed him. Wells then told them a dark-skinned man had fastened the bomb to him, started its timer and forced him to hold up the bank. The device detonated shortly after.

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