Fidelity intros CallWorks Mini sequencer

May 26, 2005

NOVI, Mich. — Fidelity Communications announced the unveiling of its new CallWorks Mini Call Management System.

According to a news release, the sequencer is designed and priced for independent operators who want to enjoy all the upselling, production-boosting and call management benefits of Fidelity's high-end CallWorks Deluxe system.

The four-line sequencer can queue calls automatically while upselling every caller with a customized marketing message — even bilingual messages. It allows the store to process more calls in less time and improve per-ticket-average profit. The Mini has a built-in caller line ID that works on the phone system and with POS systems, and it offers remote administration of multiple pizza stores from a single PC.

"Adding built-in caller line ID to the phones and offering bi-lingual message selection is a first for such a small, inexpensive system," said Rick Stanbridge, president of Fidelity. "The system will sell at about half the price of the full line CallWorks, and can come with a self-installation kit to streamline the installation and setup process."

Learn more about call sequencers in our Telecommunications Research Center.

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