Figaro's Pizza plans major expansion in West, Midwest

Dec. 13, 2006
SALEM, Ore. — Ron Berger, chief executive and chairman of Figaro's Pizza, said the company is planning a major expansion of the 114-unit chain in California, Oregon and Wisconsin.
According to a news release, over the next 10 years the company expects to add 60 units in Oregon, where it currently has 49, and 150 units in Wisconsin, where Figaro's has 11 locations. In California, 10 stores are slated for the Inland Empire region in 2007 alone, and at least 35 additional units in the next five years.
"There is a movement in the country today toward freshness and home-meal replacement," Berger said. "Figaro's Pizza is perfectly positioned because we are the only chain that delivers both fresh-baked as well as unbaked pizzas directly to consumers' homes."

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