Final phase of Domino's delivery vehicle challenge complete

March 26, 2013

The fifth and final phase of the Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge has been completed. The last phase called for the creation of photorealistic renderings of a Domino's delivery vehicle in various settings, such as a night scene in New York City and a dusk scene in a suburban neighborhood.

The Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge, which began the summer of 2012, is being held in partnership with Local Motors.

Exterior rendering finalists

  1. D-box2, by Marian Cilibeanu. The D-Box2 earned Cilibeanu $1,500 in prize money. Judges noted that it featured an "iconic design, great use of the Domino's Logo and Out for Delivery sign and a great display of the improved functionality of the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle."
  2. UDV Pack 5-o, by Kekoev a.k.a. Derek Salgado, $1,000. Judges liked the UDV Pack 5-o's front of the vehicle – the bumper, fenders and rocker panels – and the design of the car topper, which was "unique, iconic and won the hearts of the Domino's team."
  3. The Photoreal Spark Pack, by IndianMick, a.k.a. Mickey Gole, $500. The rendering "effectively showed the functionality of the exterior of the vehicle ...and distinctive use of metal on the 'Pizza Door. '"

Interior rendering finalists

  1. SparkUS, by Vasilatos Iannis, awarded $1,500. "A nice, and clear presentation showing the functionality of the interior, and pushing the design of the rear 'Pizza Door' to the next level – creating a truly iconic design for not only the door, but the whole vehicle.
  2. Pack Reloaded, by Reload a.k.a. Kevin Lo, awarded $1,000. Said the judges: "This presentation was the only one that pulled off the doors on the passenger side of the vehicle to clearly show how the interior of the Spark was reconfigured to focus on pizza delivery. And very much appreciated by the Domino's Team, was the use of the Domino's Logo on the inside of the Pizza Door which would be seen when this door was open.
  3. D-box 2, by Marian Cilibeanu, awarded $500. "A great display of the improved functionality — clearly showing all of the details and how the driver would interact with the interior."

Best night scene

  1. D-box 2, by Marian Cilibeanu, awarded $1,000. Cilibeanu presented two night scenes to show how the exterior would be illuminated at night, specifically the "out-for-delivery" signs on the side of the vehicle, glowing from their use of electro-luminescent vinyl.

Best branding

  1. D-box 2, by Marian Cilibeanu, awarded $1,000. Said the judges, "The use of branding on the D-Box 2 was clever, iconic and truly worked to define this delivery vehicle as uniquely Domino's. The use of the upper 'pip' of the Domino's Logo as a window was clever and iconic, and the 'Out For Delivery' graphic on both sides of the vehicle was greatly appreciated by the Domino's Team."

Phase 5 also included two honorable mentions: UDV Phase 5, by Stoianov Sebastian Mihai and UDV Packman, by Jon Bukasa.

Read more about branding efforts.

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