FireFly announces e-mail order confirmation

June 24, 2009
HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The newest release of FireFly Technologies' Phoenix Point-Of-Sale system includes e-mail confirmation, the company has announced.
When taking an order, the system prompts cashiers to ask for the customer's e-mail address, which is saved in the customer database. The Phoenix POS automatically sends an electronic copy of the receipt to the customer. The system also can send another confirmation when the order is assigned to a driver.
"It's a simple thing with huge customer-service benefits," said Duessa Holscher, FireFly's director of product development. "Customers can feel confident about the service they are receiving, and store employees won't have to face a barrage of ‘Where's my order?' phone calls. Plus, all those e-mails that Phoenix saves can be used for future marketing promotions."
In addition, Phoenix offers complete integration with multiple online order providers, real-time access to manager alerts, sales and labor data via a mobile phone's Web browser and schedule notifications to employees via text message.    

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