Food says meals will cater to individuals in 2010

Dec. 10, 2009
Online food magazine The Food Channel has released its Top Ten Food Trends for 2010 among a bevy of similar lists by different industry consultants. Among the more novel predictions this list makes for the coming year are a food bartering system, the rise of individual portions and mainstreaming sustainability:
Will trade for food
In an era when you can rent a name-brand purse for a special event, we want to know how we can apply that same concept to consumables. So what do we do in a bad economy when we have more time than money and skills that we still want to put to use? We barter. We predict that we'll all see more of the barter system come into play now that technology can assist with connections.
I, me, mine
It's the rise of the individual. While sharing has come into its own in restaurant concepts, there is a separate but equal trend toward individuality. It's part of the reason why we are making our own cheese, smoking our own meats and making our own specialty desserts. Expect more attention to the individual, but it's not just about portion size -- it's also about food that reflects personality.
Mainstreaming sustainability
People have mainstreamed sustainability, unlike a year ago, when we were somewhat afraid to use the word. America is just now learning how to be sustainable, and Americans are holding themselves responsible. In 2010 we'll see people and companies becoming sustainable for authentic reasons.
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