Food Genius launches restaurant trends tool

Aug. 9, 2013

Food Genius has launched a new tool to analyze changes in restaurant data. According to a news release, the tool tracks how more than 23,000 food-related items change on a quarterly basis.

The new Food Genius Reports product supplements the company's data platform, which covers more than 22 million menu items. Food data covered includes pricing, menu placement, restaurant segmentation and geographic distribution of various foods.

"What is truly revolutionary is that you can filter these terms' trends in more than 78,000 ways - insight into whether beef items are up nationally or whether independent restaurants in Ohio are menuing more basil is now at your fingertips," said Justin Massa, Food Genius founder and CEO. "For anyone seeking to understand food trends - whether they be ingredient manufacturers, grocery brands, distributors or large chains - Food Genius Reports is a game-changer."

Food Genius launched in January and has since earned a variety of awards, including being named to Entrepreneur Magazine's list of 100 Brilliant Companies for 2013.

"The information we've been working with through Food Genius allows us to really examine our most important food categories," said Amy Fattori, marketing director at Grecian Delight Foods. "We can then go in and consult with our operator, broker and distributor partners to expand their knowledge about how our products can be used."

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