Foodler launches rating system for individual restaurant dishes

June 27, 2013

Foodler, an online food ordering service, has launched a new 5-star cuisine rating system that allows users to evaluate individual dishes at a restaurant.

This system allows users to provide insights into specific items that they have eaten rather than making a generalized critique on a restaurant's entire menu based on a small sample size. For instance, Foodler customers looking for the best Buffalo wings type their search into and look through the list of top-rated wings that are available rather than getting a restaurant's overall rating.

Users also click the appropriate rating based on the quality of the food they purchase rather than having to write actual reviews on their experience.

"There had been a lack of granularity and specificity in online ratings and review systems for restaurants," said Foodler co-founder and CEO Christian Dumontet. "Foodler's new rating system gives customers insights into the best dishes within their area, not just restaurants that are nearby. The ratings are critical to powering our 'Best Bets' technology and greatly simplifying the ordering process for our customers."

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