Friendgiftr puts restaurant gift certificates on social media sites

Feb. 16, 2010 | by

E-commerce 2.0 pioneer Friendgiftr has turned multiple social media Web sites, including Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Ning and Bebo, into commercial marketplaces with the debut of its new e-commerce storefront application network. Friendgiftr's one-of-a-kind network claims to be the first and only social media-based online storefront to offer actual purchasable retail and restaurant gift cards to hundreds of millions of social media site users, according to a company statement.

Friendgiftr features the nation's largest collection of gift cards for sale from a single source, with more than 120 leading brand names like Domino's Pizza, Starbucks and Chili's, among others. Through the Friendgiftr application, social media site users can now send gift cards in amounts from $10 to $100 to anyone in their network.

"Introducing our network of gift card storefronts across numerous social networking sites is a game-changing step forward in the commercialization of social media," said Rob Carpenter, Friendgiftr CEO.

Another aspect of its unique model is that Friendgiftr is the only gift card merchant to allow card recipients to exchange the card given to them for a card they prefer from any of the merchants Friendgiftr offers, at no charge, and without the buyer knowing. Recipients can even split the gift card amount across multiple merchants' cards, to make sure they get the gifts they really want. For example, someone who received a $50 Macy's card can exchange it for a $25 card for Starbucks and a $25 card for Chili's, or five $10 cards from five different stores.

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