German pizza companies sued for fliers in mailboxes

Dec. 1, 2002

COLOGNE, Germany -- Tenants of a house in Cologne are suing pizza delivery companies for leaving unwanted advertisement fliers in its mailboxes.

According to Ananova, German law forbids the placement of fliers in mailboxes marked "no advertising." However, the regulation is commonly ignored, the report said.

Lawyer Michael Schmiesing has sued some 80 pizza delivery companies for $235 each.

"I'm almost a little embarrassed about having to persecute every pizza service in and around Cologne," Schmiesing said. "But nobody cares about my clients' wishes to not have advertising in their letterboxes."

However, restaurant owners claim Schmiesing just wants their money.

Mehei Doroudi, of the Tele-Pizza delivery service, described the lawyer's actions as "one big rip-off."

Ali Sohrabi of City Service delivery, said, "I can't take this. Ten such letters and I'll have to close down my shop."

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