Hell Pizza customer database hacked; privacy concerns abound

July 22, 2010

Hell Pizza, a chain with 64 stores in New Zealand and more in Australia and the UK, has reportedly had its 230,000-strong customer database hacked, according to The National Business Review.

The incident highlights the dangers of attaching personal information to popular e-mail or other customer databases. Hell Pizza officials claim the hacked list included e-mail addresses, addresses, phone numbers, old orders, passwords and full names. Credit card information was kept in a separate file.

From the story:

"Even if the data is old, and may in fact not be usable on the new site as Warren says, I'm less than impressed with such weak security", IT commentator Juha Saarinen told NBR.

"It's unacceptable that people's privacy is being compromised in this manner.

"Some people use the same password for other sites like TradeMe and online banking.

"Once you have access to that, you can get password resets from just about everywhere, and further compromise accounts.”

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