High cheese prices 'slice' into NYC pizza lovers' wallets

June 1, 2004

NEW YORK—The recent hike in cheese costs has Big Apple pizza lovers paying record prices for slices.

According to the New York Daily News, many neighborhood pizzerias are charging $2 a slice, and some customers aren't happy.

"I'll make my own at home, using ketchup and English muffins, before I pay $2 a slice," said Manhattanite Bev Astro. "Pizza should be a buck fifty, a buck seventy-five, tops."

At Tony's Pizza in Brooklyn, the cheese bill has doubled, to $1,600 a week, and Nino Case's $1.70-a-slice price will increase as a result. He expects customers will be angry about it.

"You're going to see me with a black eye or something," Case warned.

When customers learn that pizza operators are paying more for cheese, however, most are sympathetic, said Paul Montanaro, who just raised his slice tab to $2 at Katonah Pizza in the Bronx.

"Some people say, 'Hey, how come?' and then we explain, 'This is the world and prices go up,' " he said.

Queens resident Rusty Granger said he doesn't like the price increase either, but he'll pay it regardless.

"I gotta have my slice--thin crust, double cheese, a sprinkle of garlic," said Granger. "Even if it costs me $5 a slice, I gotta have it."

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