Hungry Howie's questionable Facebook promo

Feb. 7, 2010 | by

Hungry Howie's Pizza is asking e-mail club members to rate an array of Super Bowl commercials on its YouTube page in exchange for free Howie Bread with online orders. But takers may be surprised by insistent Facebook prompts involved in the deal.

People receiving the promotion are prompted to visit a Hungry Howie's "Ad Ranker" landing page on Facebook, and are then presented with an array of commercial categories on which to vote. Shortly thereafter, a Facebook permissions box pops up, asking the user to allow Hungry Howie's Ad Ranker to update a member's Facebook profile on a regular basis.

People also are prompted to "meet" the stars of Howie's own "SuperBleep" Super Bowl commercial via links to their Facebook pages.

Online orderers that particpate in the rankings are able to receive their free Howie Bread by entering a "FACEBOOK" promo code at checkout.

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